Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adult Hooded Mergansers

A flock of 20 hooded mergansers came up the river and this shot was taken from my kitchen window, through glass. I am particularly pleased with the reflections in the water. The bird in the forground dove just as I took the photo.

Canada Geese goslings

A local goose nest had flooded in the spring and the eggs were afloat. I collected 5 eggs and put them on a heating pad, 3 hatched and two survived. The midland rehab center raised these birds to adults. Some may ask why since they are considered a nuisance. My answer to them is that everything has a right to live and how do you deny such beauty.

Common Loon

Common Loon

I was particularly fond of this shot due to the webbed foot just under the water. I am not sure what the white patches are on its face, perhaps immaturity.


We were lucky arriving here when the fog had just lifted after 2 weeks solid. Thousands of nesting gannets surrounded us, the sight, noise and smell was an experience never to forget.


This was a large flock of lapwings with at least 4 other species of birds mixed in. Can you spot the two rabbits in this photo? Please click on the photo to enlarge it. This was my favourite bird growing up in the UK as a boy. I used to watch them fly over the fields arobatically.

Oyster Catcher

This Oyster Catcher was digging in a muddy field along with dozens of others. I took this photo while vacationing in the Shetland Islands in 2008

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Adult Trumpeter Swan

This shot simply had to be posted. I love the drip about to leave its beak for the river.

Adult Trumpeter Swan

If you click on this photo and enlarge its head, you will see a strip of bright orange along the lower beak.

Juvenile Trumpeter Swan

These swans visit us at our home on the Green River in Washago every spring for the past 5 years. The numbers are most definately increasing with families as large as 7 cygnets reaching maturity. A tribute to Harry Lumsden, thank you from all of us that enjoy their presence.

Great Gray Owl

This owl was very obliging and allowed me to get in for a close up. These birds have very little fear for man although I do not like to disturb them from their perch.

Barred Owl hunting

This Barred Owl was deep in the woods not far from home. I had to go back home to get my camera a Cannon AE1 at the time with a macro lense that I had never used before. The bird was still there after an hour or so. We all get lucky some times

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Common Merganser Family

This family of 15 Common Mergansers was the first photo taken with my new Fujifilm S100fs camera. Note how the wind has blown the crest up on the adult bird. She stopped suddenly when she saw me and the young were quick to gather up to her.

Female Common Merganser flying down from its nest. These birds nest each spring in our nest boxes located in the rivers shallows, four feet off the water.

Great Blue Heron preening

This Great Blue Heron spent hours on this rock in front of our house preening its feathers. I plan to do a watercolour of this particular photo.

Note the length of its toes.

Common Loon Adult

This loon nests annually on the Green River. This year it had two young however one was not as strong and I belive it perished before migrating. I have caught them feeding the young several times and will be publishing photos of them feeding next spring.

Sharp Shinned Hawk

This hawk hit the side of my house after a misdirected strike. Since the bird was stunned I took advantage of the few minutes I had to take some photos. Once the bird recovered, it swooped at me before taking off to a nearby tree. Luckily I had my camera on the right setting to capture this head shot.

Hawk Owl Starts the New Year Right

Hawk Owl taken on the Monk Road Southeast of Rama Casino about half way between Highway 169 and the Rama Road.
Photo taken with a Fujufilm S100sf
Taken on January 3 2009 on a bright sunny day, temp approx. -10 cel.